About scoaaustralia

On 15 May 2017, SCOA Australia Incorporated replaced the former Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association (Federal Council) Inc., following the dissolution of that organisation and its former incorporated branches, and the transfer of their members and assets to SCOA Australia. The Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association was established in 1923, making it one of Australia’s oldest not-for-profit retiree organisations.

What we do

Our Mission Statement:

To advocate for the protection of the superannuation rights of Commonwealth PSS and CSS and other superannuants, to ensure that successive governments abide by the spirit of the legislation in providing a pension indexed to the actual cost of living, and do not erode any other benefits this group receive under any other related legislation”.

SCOA Australia’s current priorities include Commonwealth superannuation pension indexation, taxation of superannuation pensions, eligibility for the age pension, the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and other Centrelink benefits for older persons, aged care accommodation and services, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, hearing aids and dental schemes.

Benefits to members include advocacy and support; information about superannuation and retirement issues; representation of members’ interests to their superannuation funds; a free copy of SCOA’s Bereavement Book; access to shopping discounts at Union Shopper; access to SCOA Qantas Club Corporate Scheme discount; our quarterly newsletter SuperTime, informing members about key retirement issues; interesting guest speakers at local meetings; volunteering and friendship opportunities; and this website full of useful information about all the above issues and much more.

Our achievements

SCOA Australia is proud of our achievements, some of which we accomplished with the assistance of other like organisations.  Our main achievements include twice-yearly indexation of Commonwealth superannuation pensions; a Comcare client assistance program and the introduction of the low income energy supplement.

Management and administration

SCOA Australia is managed by a National Committee, National Executive and administered by National Office.

The Canberra-based National Office is staffed by three part-time employees who provide representational services and information to members, manage and implement decisions taken by the National Committee and provide secretariat support to the state-based local committees, with assistance from volunteers.


SCOA Australia publishes a quarterly newsletter, SuperTime, which reports on a range of retirement related issues, government announcements and new legislation and lots more.  It also includes information about local committees and member events and relevant local issues.  It is mailed or emailed to members free of charge.

Who we are and what we look like

National Office

Anne Willenborg is the Executive Officer and a member of the National Committee in the capacity of Secretary ex officio.  In these roles, Anne is responsible for the day to day running of National Office and the management of the affairs of National Committee.
In addition, she is also the editor of the quarterly newsletter SuperTime.
Anne was born in Denmark but has now lived most of her life in Canberra.  Anne’s professional background includes roles in the areas of superannuation, compliance, legislation and government liaison including seven years with the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation.
Contact Anne Willenborg by phone 02 6286 7977 or by email to executive@scoa.asn.au
Arlene Wilkinson is the Office Manager and SCOA Australia’s Membership Secretary.
Arlene comes to SCOA with an extensive background in office management, financial management and budgeting as well as database management.
Contact Arlene Wilkinson by phone 02 6286 7977 or by email to scoaaustralia@scoa.asn.au
Shelley O’Neill is our Admin Officer and the friendly voice you hear when you call SCOA Australia’s National Office in Canberra.
Shelley joins SCOA Australia after a long career in the public service and has a background in HR and Learning and Development.
In her spare time, Shelley plays tennis and volunteers as a guide at the National Arboretum in Canberra.
Contact Shelley O’Neill by phone 02 6286 7977 or by email to scoaadmin@scoa.asn.au

National Committee

SCOA Australia’s National Committee is elected for a 12 months period at the Annual General Meeting.

The National Committee elected 26 September 2017:

Peter Illidge, President
Peter Illidge has a background in law.  He joined the Australian Public Service initially in the Department of Primary Industry in Western Australia, later moving to the Department of Health and Community Services, finishing up in the Australian Trade Commission.
Peter Illidge is also the SCOA Australia WA local convener.
Email: president@scoa.asn.au
 John Blount, Vice President
John Blount served as an Australian diplomat in DFAT from 1972 to 1993, and then as a full-time Member of the Refugee Review Tribunal until 2006 and undertook part-time review from 2010 to 2015.  He served on the ACT Executive Committee of ACOA (now the PSU) in 1977-79 and 1982-85.
John joined SCOA in 2009, since when he has been a member of the ACT Committee.  He was President of the ACT Branch 2010-2013 and 2016-17, was a Federal Councillor 2016-17, and has been a member of the National Committee since 2016.
Email: vicepresident@scoa.asn.au
Tom Dent, Treasurer

Anne Willenborg, National Committee Secretary ex officio

See above.

Barry Schafer, Member.
Barry Schafer worked with CSIRO for over 40 years before retiring in 2002, and has been involved in SCOA since retiring.  Firstly as a member, then on the Victorian committee since 2005, where he served as the President for 4 years and was the Victorian Federal Councilor until the formation of SCOA Australia. He is now a member of the National Committee.
Email: barry.schafer@scoa.asn.au
Bob Steins, Member
Bob Steins has a law background (ANU, admitted to the NSW Bar in 1984) and has had a variety of roles in both the PNG and the Australian public service including the ATO, the Australian Taxation Office, Department of Administrative Services and in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (Cabinet Office) and the Attorney-General’s Department.
Bob joined SCOA in 2001 and has served as a member of the former ACT Branch Executive and Public Officer.  Bob also provides assistance to members with Comcare cases
Email: bob.steins@scoa.asn.au
James Vandenberg, Member
James Vandenberg is a former Federal Councillor (South Australia) and recently took up the role of SCOA Australia South Australia Local Convener.
Email: james.vandenberg@scoa.asn.au


George Szylkarski, Member
Worked as engineer PMG / TELSTRA 1961 to 1995 in Qld. Joined SCOA soon after retirement. Involvement with SCOA was limited, mainly many pleasant lunches in the Brisbane Irish Club with retired fellow engineers after SCOA Qld meetings.
George continued to volunteer  for SCOA on the Qld Branch executive committee and served for a number of years as the Queensland Federal Councillor on SCOA’s Federal Council. When SCOA Australia was established, George was elected as a member of the SCOA Australia National Committee.
George is passionately committed to the cause of obtaining fairer indexation of the Commonwealth superannuation pensions.
Email: george.szylkarski@scoa.asn.au 

National Executive

SCOA Australia’s National Executive consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and up to two co-opted members.  The present members of the National Executive are Peter Illidge, John Blount, Tom Dent, Anne Willenborg and Bob Steins.

Rules (and Statement of Objects and Purposes) SCOA Australia is governed by

Document Summary 
10 April 2018 SCOA Australia Rules as amended 10 April 2018
15 March 2017 SCOA Australia New Rules as amended 15 March 2017
15 March 2017 SCOA Australia Current Statement of Objects and Purposes as amended 29 November 2016
29 November 2016 SCOA Australia Rules as Amended 29 November 2016
29 November 2016 SCOA Australia Statement of Objects and Purposes as Amended 29 November 2016
25 November 2015
SCOA Australia Rules as Amended 25 November 2015
SCOA Australia Rules as Amended 25 November 2015
22 October 2014
SCOA Australia Rules As Amended 22 October 2014
SCOA Australia Rules As Amended 22 October 2014
5 February 2013
SCOA Australia Rules
SCOA Australia was registered on 5 February 2013 in the ACT under theAssociations Incorporations Act 1991.  The document sets out the Rules that govern the Association.

Other downloads

Document Summary
26 September 2017 2017 SCOA Australia Annual Report
26 September 2017 2017 Audit report and financial statements
26 September 2017 Address to AGM in Canberra by Vice President Peter Illidge 26 September 2017
26 September 2017 Draft minutes of Annual General Meeting Canberra 26 September 2017
15 March 2017 Minutes of General Meeting held in Sydney 15 March 2017
29 November 2016 Final Minutes of AGM held in Adelaide 25 November 2015
29 November 2016 2015-2016 Audit report and audited financial statements
29 November 2016 2016 Annual Report signed
25 November 2015
SCOA Australia 2015 Audit Report
SCOA Australia 2014/15 Audit Report
25 November 2015
SCOA Australia 2015 Annual Report
SCOA Australia 2014/15 Annual Report
25 November 2015
SCOA Australia 2014 AGM Minutes
Minutes of AGM held in Brisbane 22 October 2014
22 October 2014
SCOA Australia 2013/14 Audit Report and Audited Financial Statement
SCOA Australia 2013/14 Audit Report and Audited Financial Statement
22 October 2014
SCOA Australia 2013/14 Annual Report
SCOA Australia 2013/14 Annual Report
16 April 2014
SCOA Australia AGM Adelaide April 2014 Final Minutes Signed
Minutes of AGM held in Adelaide 16 April 2014, approved at AGM held in Brisbane 22 October 2014
16 April 2014
Ray Hickman’s talk
Copy of Dr Ray Hickman’s talk given at the 2012/2013 inaugural AGM held in Adelaide during Wednesday 16th April, 2014